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All too often, many people, both men and women, sadly live their entire lives without ever really knowing or fully understanding who they truly are or knowing themselves entirely, and that is a sad and tragic thought on which to ponder because the reality is that knowing one’s true self is key to us as humans finding inner peace and serenity.

The famed author Shannon Alder has been quoted saying “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself”, and all too often many of us do unknowingly and regrettably end up falling into the routine of living and behaving in a way that is for pleasing other people and not necessarily ourselves.

This is an unfortunate reality for millions of women in particular, as they are expected to play multiple roles as mothers, sisters, bosses, employees and everything in between.

The end result of donning these multiple “hats” so to speak is that the true self, the person that you need and want yourself to be, becomes lost in the maze of duty and responsibility that we feel we owe to other people. Continue reading

Helping other people by volunteering your time and talents is a way that you can practice self care. By reaching out and giving of yourself, you also gain. When you’re investing in the lives of other people, you’re giving yourself an outlet.

As you go through your day, you experience things that give you stress. These things can also add to your emotional burden and cause you to feel upset, anxious, sad, or even depressed.

When you volunteer, the act of reaching out to other people alleviates your stress. Many studies have shown that people who volunteer have a higher happiness factor than people who don’t.

One theory for the higher happiness level is thought to be because when a person volunteers, he or she has others around that help to combat negative feelings. When you give of yourself to other people, it causes the brain to release endorphins, which instantly improves your mood. Continue reading

Gardening is a great way to not only get in touch with nature, but to practice one of the most soothing forms of self care. Plus, you can grow whatever you like – from flowers to fruits and vegetables.

When you’re digging around in the soil, it gives you an endorphin boosts and your mood lifts. You feel happier and more relaxed. Watching things grow that you planted and nurtured gives you a feeling of having nourished yourself and you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor.

There’s something positive about sitting outside in the warm, gentle sunshine with the cool soil on your hands. It makes you more aware of yourself and your life. Plus, it helps with the mind, body, and spirit connection.

You’ll feel at peace and the stress just melts away. Digging in the dirt helps bring you back down to earth, to recognize and realize what’s important. It helps you understand that the 101 irritations and the busy life you lead don’t have to weigh you down. Continue reading

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