Choose You

In our ever-busy lives, we tend to put others and even tasks before ourselves. This results in depression, weariness, and fatigue. It drains our energy and our spirit. However, once you start choosing yourself, a magical change takes place.

We often wrongly think of taking ourselves into consideration as selfish, but those are two different things.

Taking care of yourself and your needs is not selfish, but rather extremely necessary. In this article, we hope to inspire you to start choosing you every single day of your life.

The Difference Between Choosing Yourself and Being Selfish

Choosing yourself on a daily basis is not selfish, but rather closer to self-care. By choosing to put yourself first when it’s necessary, you’re making the responsible and well-thought out choice to take care of yourself in a way that is necessary to ensure your health and positive quality of life. Continue reading

Choosing yourself is a crucial part of your success and happiness in life. Many mistaken this choice/trait for selfishness. To explain this confusion: selfish people always choose themselves, but those who choose themselves aren’t always being selfish.

Choosing you simply means that you put yourself first when it’s necessary; you take your own health and feelings into consideration and, when necessary, you put those feelings and needs over the wants of others.

People who are merely selfish always put their needs and wants over the needs of others. So how can you start to choose yourself?

1 – Stop and Think Before You Just Say Yes Out of Politeness

One of the most important and significant first steps towards choosing yourself on a daily basis is putting an end to the bad habit of saying yes to everything. Continue reading

Becoming your own best champion is essential to self-development. If you aren’t your biggest advocate, it’ll be difficult to achieve happiness. How can you master this?

The process of becoming your own champion requires effort and a willingness to assess yourself. If you want to take ownership of your happiness and start being your own champion, here’s how you can begin.

Highlight Your Positive Qualities

To become your own best champion, you first have to highlight your strengths. Think about the things you excel at and continue to focus on those qualities.

It’s counterproductive when you only think about your negative qualities. Instead, repeat this affirmation daily: I am strong, confident, and able to accomplish anything. Continue reading