Aging Women

Wine enthusiasts debate over whether time enhances the flavor of fine wine. While the answer has yet to be determined, aged wine is priced at a premium and treasured. Unfortunately, this mentality doesn’t transcend into societal standards for women.

For years, society has placed such an emphasis on women holding on to youth. From cosmetic products to exercise routines, looking and acting younger is pushed.

While we all want to look refreshed, aging is an inevitable part of life. Sadly, women are expected to not only look young but to maintain their youthful vigor as they get older.

This paradox makes women believe they are undesirable. It impacts their self-esteem and influences their actions. However, for the first time in advertising history, seasoned women are gaining the recognition they deserve. Ad’s, previously targeted towards younger women, are showcasing the beauty that age offers. Continue reading

Aging is an inevitable natural process of life. It’s something we do not have complete control over and concerns about aging are completely justifiable.

A woman’s experience with aging will be different than a man’s just because of the differences in biological makeup. Now, both genders do experience much of the same regarding chronic illnesses, cancer, injuries etc.
However, our focus will be on aging women and as the concerns are real, they should be addressed accordingly.

As we age, our bodies and minds tend to decline in its ability to function at optimal levels. However, there are habits and lifestyle changes which can decelerate the process of many of these for most concerns related to aging.

So…what are some of the common, but real concerns of the aging woman? Continue reading

Media outlets depict growing older as something scary. They portray the older population as lacking awareness, needing guidance, and inching closer to death.

This false representation has instilled fear into younger people that make them loathe the idea of aging. For women especially, this fear is multiplied. Women are made to believe they are less attractive as they get older. Movies showcase husbands leaving their wives for younger women, and songs glorify everlasting youth.

While these stereotypical themes are rampant, many women find true happiness as they age. Ausonius quoted, “Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.”

True, age is only a number. Although that’s easy to say, it takes work truly believing it. While implementing this takes work, truly mastering it will grant you impeccable freedom. Let’s consider how you can find peace in aging. Continue reading