Self Care Activities

Every now and again, it’s important we spend time to take care of ourselves in order to lower stress levels and maintain healthy lives. Many times we get so caught up in meeting everyone else’s needs that we neglect the most important person in our lives–ourselves!

So here are six easy self-care activities you can try (that won’t cost you anything):

Go for a Walk

Thirty minutes of walking does wonders to improve a person’s well-being. You can take a quick lap or two around the neighborhood during lunch, or you can explore your favorite park on a rainy day. Either way, exercise is a tried and true self-care technique and comes with the added bonus of health benefits. Continue reading

Writing in a journal is a frequently-recommended form of self-care. But what exactly makes journaling so great? A lot, as it turns out. You can manage your emotions, plan your future, and work on improving your self-talk – all with something as simple as a notebook and a pen. Here are five compelling reasons you should be journaling as a form of self-care.

Journaling Helps You Work Through Your Feelings

Emotions are unruly. And when your feelings are all tangled up in a messy, confusing ball, trying to make sense of them can be exhausting. Journaling is a great tool for unraveling those tangled emotions and getting to the bottom of them. When you sit down and pour your feelings onto the page, it becomes easier to distinguish between them and see what’s really going on. That, in turn, will help you manage your emotions more effectively and make better decisions. Continue reading