Media outlets depict growing older as something scary. They portray the older population as lacking awareness, needing guidance, and inching closer to death.

This false representation has instilled fear into younger people that make them loathe the idea of aging. For women especially, this fear is multiplied. Women are made to believe they are less attractive as they get older. Movies showcase husbands leaving their wives for younger women, and songs glorify everlasting youth.

While these stereotypical themes are rampant, many women find true happiness as they age. Ausonius quoted, “Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.”

True, age is only a number. Although that’s easy to say, it takes work truly believing it. While implementing this takes work, truly mastering it will grant you impeccable freedom. Let’s consider how you can find peace in aging.

Don’t Give In to Societal Stereotypes

There are so many “rules” that women are expected to abide by as they get older. Such include the clothing they wear or the activities they engage in. While you may not see an older woman swinging on a swing-set every day, that doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to.

Despite these societal standards, research has shown that when we engage in activities we did as children, we are actually happier. Does this transcend into finding inner peace? The answer is yes! When we do things that make us happy, regardless of age, we are choosing joy.

Keep Your Spark

The beautiful thing about little girls isn’t their curly tendrils or big, endearing eyes. It’s their spark. Children say what’s on their mind, explore and laugh often.

As we get older, life seems to shape us in a way that diminishes that spark. We become guarded, afraid to explore and serious. As you age, keep that childlike spark as you engage in everyday activities. This will help you to feel young and keep that vigor.

Practice Consistent Self Care

Keeping up with yourself is an essential way to raise your self-confidence. When you age, it’s easy to let societies standards destroy your concept of beauty. Practicing consistent self-care will help you love yourself in a society that teaches you the opposite.

Self-care does involve wine and face masks. However, engaging in self-development can take your self-care routine to a new level. Practice telling yourself you’re beautiful. Advocate for your needs. Validate your feelings so you can find inner strength. This will help you feel confident as you get older.

Choose Happiness

It’s easy to let your insecurities or societal standards get you down. Choosing happiness, however, will help you look at the aging process positively. Choose to focus on the good things that happen as you get older.

Focus on what you can do that you previously couldn’t. Think about how far you’ve come as a person and embrace that accomplishment. This will help you to view the aging process as something natural and beautiful.

Practice Mindfulness

It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed with aging and the future. When you notice your mind beginning to take you to that negative space, pause what you’re doing and breathe.

Find something you can hear, something you can see and something you can hear. Focus on how you’re feeling in the moment and let those emotions be. When you do this consistently, you’ll learn how to live in the moment and not worry about the future.

Aging is a beautiful part of life that should be embraced. Don’t let this natural process overtake your self-esteem. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of life and live wonderfully.