With every election, people on both sides of the political fence feel the effect of whether their pick wins or loses. Sometimes, an election can be particularly stressful and when that happens, the stress can manifest outwardly with physical and emotional ailments.

Some people report feeling anxious or depressed. Politics always brings out the worst in people and that can spill over into the office atmosphere, in numerous places on social media and among friends or family.

People have been bombarded with conversations centered around the division among political parties as well as among those who support those parties. This constant bathing in negativity can cause a lot of inner turmoil.

You may find yourself experiencing the same health issues as if you had the flu or other physically draining sickness. Knowing how you can cope with politics is the best path to self care in today’s political climate.

By learning how to take care of yourself, you’ll be able to manage your level of stress and get through the emotional turmoil. You may find yourself exposed to a constant barrage of loud, negative and pushy people or exposed to name-calling and opinions online that make you feel edgy and upset.

What you must do is first realize that just because there’s chaos all around you, it doesn’t mean it has to reside within you. You can find calm in the midst of a political storm.

Begin by acknowledging what’s true for you – the ideals that you stand for, the morals that you have, and you will find peace. By showing kindness instead of anger, mercy instead of judgment and listening instead of shouting, you take back control of your own emotions.

The political upheaval won’t be a trigger for you anymore because you’ll be grounded within yourself. Search yourself and cling to your values. Let that be your focus, on what’s good and uplifting rather than on what’s divisive and hate-filled.

When you do come across an article or a conversation that’s negative and you know it’s going to be filled with anger, you don’t have to engage. You can leave the conversation. You can stop reading the article.

Fires die out when there’s nothing fueling them. Just because someone’s shouting from the rooftops doesn’t mean you can’t move beyond earshot. Stop reading the news. Regardless of your political affiliation, the news is often filled with sarcasm, mean spirited writing, hateful comments and words designed to agitate readers, listeners and viewers in order stir people up so the site or station builds traffic.

Don’t let the chaos online be the determining factor of what you think and feel. Replace the negative with the positive. Turn off the hate and listen to something that brings enjoyment to you, like an audiobook.

Seek out activities that makes you laugh. Listen to music and not talk radio. Share your worries about the political environment with friends who can help you feel balanced. Spend time helping others or engaging in things that keep your mind off what you can’t change in that very moment.