For an introverted personality type, becoming more extroverted in your social, personal, or professional life is going to take some hard work and time.

If you’re constantly being told to get up and doing something with your life, stop being so shy, and stand up for yourself, chances are you’re seriously introverted.

While there is nothing wrong with this, there are a lot of things you can miss out on including new friendships, experiences, and even promotions in the workplace.

It is not suggested that you change who you are; however, just learn how to adapt to whatever personality is needed at the time. Below are a few steps on how to begin this.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up: Introverts Are Not Bad

The first order of business is not to beat yourself up over being an introverted person. There is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with wanting to sit at home from time to time and just enjoy the peace and simplicity in life.

Many introverts are very hard on themselves and feel as if there is something “wrong” with them because they’re not out like everyone else having a great time. When you’re hard on yourself, you create a web of unhappiness which prevents you from moving forward. So the first and most important step is telling yourself there is nothing wrong with you.

Join Social Groups or Clubs

Some of the best advice to date for those looking to be more extroverted is joining clubs and social groups for which they must be accountable for.

For instance, joining a dance class at your local gym means that you’ll need to be in attendance at least once or twice per week. This at least gives you twice per day in which you’re interacting with others and not at home alone. Of course when you’re part of these groups you will need to talk to others so that you can develop relationships because sitting in a corner on your own kind of defeats the purpose.

Maximize Your Social Experiences

Another great tip for becoming more extroverted is to maximize your social experiences. Unless you’re a sole proprietor who works from home and never goes out, chances are you interact with your co-workers, neighbors, and friends on the daily basis. When talking with them ask what their plans are for the weekend or upcoming time off. This creates conversation and also creates a door for you to join them if it’s something you’re interested in.

These first three steps will help you in becoming more extroverted with time. Remember to also provide happiness and worth to the conversations you do have in order to keep others interested in you as a person.

This does not mean that you have to top everyone as having the best and most adventurous life stories, however, find things you have in common or that would benefit the people you’re around and focus on that. The more “interesting” and willing to communicate you are, the more likely they are to return the behavior.