Have you ever gone to a crowded bar and found yourself sitting in the corner with your drink wondering why you ever showed up? Well, if your answer is yes, you’re not alone. There are tons of people out there that just don’t feel comfortable in certain social settings.

In most cases, these people are more introverted and prefer to be in the relaxing confinement of their homes away from all stress and drama. While this can be nice from time to time, being a “homebody” can be somewhat lonely after a while, which is why learning ways to be more comfortable is advised.

Be Prepared

A lot of times people feel uncomfortable in social settings because they simply feel as if they don’t fit in. Your uniqueness could be exactly what makes you stand out, but until you start developing relationships, you’ll never know.

A word of advice would be to get prepared before your next social event. Instead of trying to “wing it” jot down a few ice breaker conversation ideas that will leave more room for getting to know others. Having these pointers handy makes it easier to get past the shyness you might feel.

Watch Your Body Language

Unfortunately, introverts or those that suffer from shyness get a bad rep. From the outside looking in your shyness is viewed as you being boring, stuck up, or not friendly. You may not know that you’re giving off those vibes but it happens all the time. As a result you’re not approachable to others. Work on your body language and the signals you send off.

If someone is looking your way, give a polite smile or wave, when someone asks questions be sure to answer it and don’t shy away in fear. By doing small things like this you let others know that you want to enjoy their company and they will warm up to you.

Role Play

Sometimes the best way to get past something is to play a role. This is not meant to say don’t be yourself, but simply step outside of yourself and “pretend” you’re already the socialite that you want to be. Walk into a social setting with confidence and in due time it will become second nature. Role playing allows you to be outside of your normal self and just embrace the moment.

The last bit of advice is to really just keep pushing yourself. Learning to be comfortable in different environments is going to take a lot of time depending upon how shy or introverted you are. Be realistic in understanding that it’s possible you won’t be front and center on stage at the next nightclub event, but you could work your way up to at least getting out and just enjoying life a bit better.

There are times when you’re going to mess up, become afraid, and even leave events early because it’s going beyond what you’re used to doing. By having others that support you and understand you by your side, changing should be a breeze.