There are lots of people out there who wish that they were more outgoing but can’t seem to figure out what’s holding them back. By nature, everyone is not the same and thus your social life should not be compared to anyone else.

Those who are not outgoing are generally very introverted people. They tend to stay low key and go under the radar during most occasions. While introverts can certainly have their positive qualities the shyness often leaves them out of a lot of exciting things. Below are some tips you could try to improve that.

Spend More Time with Others

The first order of business is to just spend more time around people. They only way you’re going to be encouraged to get out and develop new relationships is if you begin cultivating relationships. You shouldn’t start with something huge like a club where you’re likely to feel out of place and shy, consider a smaller social event.

Taking along a friend or family member is also a great idea for those wishing to feel more at ease. As you become comfortable in one setting, move on to other settings until you feel confident.

Be Specific About Your Social Likes

Another part of the problem for those who wish to be more extroverted and outgoing is the fact that they don’t take into consideration that they may not like all social settings nor get along with everyone.

For instance, if you have a group of friends that are party animals that like to go out to nightclubs but you’re more interested in live concerts and events, chances are you’re not going to click with those group of people in that setting.

This does not mean you can’t ever hang out with that group of people, it simply means doing things that you enjoy with people that are “relatable” in that regard.

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

While it isn’t advisable that you begin behaving recklessly, there are some things you can do to challenge your comfort zone and become more outgoing. For instance, if you have a challenge when it comes to striking up conversation, consider baby steps towards full blown conversations.

Start by saying hello to everyone you cross paths with, as time goes on work your way up to more conversation pieces. Pretty soon you’ll be able to talk to anyone about anything and not give it a second thought.

Being more outgoing is really about you stepping outside of your fears and just embracing the social world you live in. Change is certainly a process and it will take time so you should not beat yourself over the head if it doesn’t happen right away.

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with the changes that you’re making in your life. By taking baby steps and really working towards breaking down barriers and casting out fears, you should be in great shape within a few months and well on your way to being more social and outgoing.