Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans to accomplish incredible feats and make our dreams come true. Although it is too often dismissed, numerous studies  indicate that our brains don’t differentiate between reality and imagination. In other words, the more we imagine something, the more we can trick our brain into believing it is true.

Goals are good to have, of course, and written goals are even better. But when you visually translate your goals onto a vision board, something magical happens. That’s because the more detail we “imagine” our goal with, the more real it becomes in our minds, and the greater potential it has to become reality.

It’s a fact that what we focus on expands. Just think about an example in your own life that proves this point. Have you ever had something brought to your attention that you never thought of before but then it just keeps on appearing everywhere?

Maybe you are reading a book and certain images or points of focus from the book keep popping up in your own life. Maybe you’ve taken this idea a step further and actually tried to use it to change your life for the better, such as focusing more on your partner’s positives instead of what bothers you about him or her.

Vision boards are known as law of attraction tools, helping people manifest specific goals. Not only that, there are additional benefits to creating a vision board as well:

6 Ways Creating a Vision Board Can Improve Your Life

1) It Ignites the Forces of Manifestation

There is something about the act of putting time into coming up with a visual representation of a goal that sets manifestation in motion. It’s not unlikely to look back on your vision boards in amazement years after you created them because they all came true.

2) It Helps You Clarify What You Want

Sitting down and creating a collage that represents a goal is a powerful process that helps us clarify what we want. As we carefully select the images that match the end result of the goal, the details of what we want become clearer and clearer to us.

3) It Makes You More Passionate About Your Goal

Going through the act of putting together a vision board sparks the passion that you have for your goal. Plus, each time you look at it, you will feel that passion return.

4) It Reminds You to Stay the Course

Since your vision board helps the passion for your goal return each time you look at it, it will remind you to stay on track and take the action steps needed.

5) It Helps You Visualize

Especially if you are a person who has trouble visualizing your goals in your head, a vision board can be just what you need. Since what you want has already been turned into a visual goal, all you need to do is look at the vision board to visualize it.

6) It’s Fun

Making vision boards is down right fun! It’s a creative way to start the manifestation process, and since you are seeking out the perfect images that match what you desire, it’s becoming clearer what you even want, and that process in and of itself is fun. Plus, if you are a creative person, you will probably enjoy the artistic process of creating the collage.

Vision boards aren’t just some woo-woo, hokey thing that hippies do. They really can change your life!