Wine enthusiasts debate over whether time enhances the flavor of fine wine. While the answer has yet to be determined, aged wine is priced at a premium and treasured. Unfortunately, this mentality doesn’t transcend into societal standards for women.

For years, society has placed such an emphasis on women holding on to youth. From cosmetic products to exercise routines, looking and acting younger is pushed.

While we all want to look refreshed, aging is an inevitable part of life. Sadly, women are expected to not only look young but to maintain their youthful vigor as they get older.

This paradox makes women believe they are undesirable. It impacts their self-esteem and influences their actions. However, for the first time in advertising history, seasoned women are gaining the recognition they deserve. Ad’s, previously targeted towards younger women, are showcasing the beauty that age offers.

Because of this, women are beginning to embrace the aging process instead of trying to pause it. Much like fine wine, women get better with age. Let’s consider why.

Self-awareness is Heightened

Healthy adults understand themselves and how to navigate the world around them as they age. Specifically, the brain undergoes chemical growth that supports this idea.

The anterior cingulate cortex is part of the pre-frontal cortex region of the brain. At 25, this portion stops growing and reaches its final state.

The anterior cingulate cortex plays an important role because it helps adults identify their emotions and how to effectively handle them. Their cognitive awareness is heightened, which makes decision making and social interaction clear.

As a person ages, the process of emotional regulation becomes easier, thus increasing a person’s self-awareness. With age, a woman knows what she likes and doesn’t like.

She is able to choose healthy people without feeling the need to change. The constant need to fit in is suddenly exhausting as self-awareness increases. This is all thanks to the emotional regulating piece of the brain.

Life has Provided Many Experiences

As we all grow older, we experience different situations that mold us. How we navigate them and embrace growth is what determines maturity. The older a woman is, the more she has seen. This makes her equipped to give advice, and avoid unhealthy situations.

With experience comes a personal navigation system that helps women determine their own moral code. They are no longer confined by the strings of their mothers and fathers expectations. Rather, they develop their own sense of right and wrong.

You’re Self-Sufficient

The older a woman gets, the more self-reliant she becomes. She doesn’t lean on the hopes and promises of someone else. Rather, she takes care of her own needs. As teenage girls, most of us placed emphasis on what others thought of us.

This paralyzing mentality made self-sufficiency nearly impossible. The beautiful thing about growing older is that you aren’t concerned with impressing others. You only want to live your truth and make yourself proud.

Self-sufficiency means more than providing for yourself. In fact, being self-sufficient totally encompasses the virtue of independence. This means, you don’t rely on others approval to influence how you see yourself. You are totally content with your experiences and lot in life.

How to Avoid Fear of Aging

While it’s completely normal to fear the future, growing older is an inevitable part of life. No matter how we try to mold or control nature, we simply aren’t able to pause time.

Instead of fearing getting older, embrace it. Look for the beauty in aging as opposed to focusing on the negative. There’s good and bad with each age group. Once you own your future, you’ll begin to view aging as a beautiful part of life.