Menopause is a natural part of life that impacts women all over the world. Unfortunately, it is met with annoying side effects that prevent women from leading their best life.

Since menopause is an inevitable part of life, for now, it’s important to understand how to maintain sanity during this time. Let’s consider some of the most challenging headaches that come with menopause and how to combat them.

What Causes Menopausal Symptoms?

To begin, let’s go over what’s going on with the body during this time. Estrogen and progesterone, the two primary hormones that make up the female anatomy, fluctuate. This intense hormonal imbalance causes the typical symptoms we associate with menopause.

This hormonal imbalance is responsible for hot flashes, mood issues, insomnia, and more. Now, let’s consider how to manage these symptoms so you can reclaim your life.

Hot Flashes

One of the most quintessential symptoms that women experience is hot flashes. This occurs when the body feels unbearably hot and sweat begins to pour. Some women find themselves having to retreat to refrigerator doors to get some relief.

One natural way to combat this is to eat foods rich in phytoestrogens. This natural hormone helps to alleviate symptoms of hot flashes and provide women with the relief they need. Such foods include:

  • Yams
  • Licorice
  • Dong Quai
  • Red Clover

If you can’t get your hands on these products naturally, invest in supplements that contain traces of these foods. As always, consult with your doctor prior to starting a new regimen.

In addition, many women find carrying portable fans useful for unbearable times. Although it may seem embarrassing, speak openly about what you’re going through. This will help others to be empathetic towards what you’re going through.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can be painful and embarrassing for women. Especially those who are sexually active. While it may seem impossible reaching sexual liberation, there are products on the market that help to replenish moisture and help women regain their natural moisture.

Invest in a good lubricant that is safe for the body and gets the job done. This will help sex to be less painful and more enjoyable. It is wise to consult with your doctor to see if there is a specific brand that will fit your needs.

As mentioned earlier, be open and honest with your partner about what you’re going through. If your libido is low, speak with a sex therapist who can offer reliable solutions. This may make a difference in your sex life.

Urinary Incontinence

This is a problem not many women discuss. However, leaks are common issues with menopause that are embarrassing. The issues surrounding this are urethral control.

When this part of the body is loose, it makes leaks easier. The slightest laugh or sneeze could result in an embarrassing experience. Some women find Kegel exercises to be helpful for rebuilding these muscles.

In addition, it’s suggested to avoid beverages or food items that could make leaking occur. Such include alcohol, caffeine, or overly spicy food. Removing these items from your diet will help regulate this embarrassing headache.


Some women experience a dramatic decrease in the amount of sleep they receive. This results in irritability and a lack of productivity. One way to combat this is to take melatonin or Valerian root.

This herb works to promote a calm, healthy sleep. When you implement this into your daily diet, you’ll also notice a change in mood. You’ll be able to better regulate your moods for a balanced lifestyle.

Sure, menopause can be a headache. However, if you plan accordingly and go into with an open mind, you’ll be able to tackle this hurdle like a champ.