If you’re not careful, self care can stress you out, risk your financial plan, and get in the way of your goals. Wanting to practice some self care isn’t a bad thing – especially if it means taking care of your health.

But if you’re spending a lot of money, especially when money is tight or you have something else you could be spending that money on, then it can be a bad thing. There are easy and inexpensive ways for you to take care of yourself without risking any of your goals – including your budget’s well-being.

Many people fall into the trap of holding tight to the belief that self care equals spending money. That’s not always the case. You don’t have to spend a lot to get relief from stress.

One area that people like to practice self care in that can cost a lot of money is spa and pampering solutions. Things like getting your nails and hair done, getting a facial or a massage.

This can add up and if you don’t have the budget for it, it quickly becomes less of a self care routine and more of a burden. If nail care is important for you to feel better, you can take the do it yourself route at home.

Taking care of your health is a no-brainer. You want to make sure you watch out for that. But some habits of yours that you see as self care can actually cause more stress.

For example if you want to get fit, so you’re paying a high monthly fee to a gym that you don’t like (or use), it can stressful and cause a lot of guilt.

It’s just as effective to do your workouts at home. You don’t even have to buy exercise DVDs. You can watch many of them free online. Plus, you’ll get a lot of variety this way.

Feeling down and buying yourself a new pair of shoes isn’t self care because you’re not taking care of what’s really bothering you.

Self care when your emotions are out of whack doesn’t mean you need a shopping trip. You’re better off going for a walk in the park or talking to a friend about what’s bothering you – both of which are a form of self care, but without cost.

Money is one of the top issues that result in stress for men and women alike. If you opt to practice self care in less expensive ways, you’ll still be able to nurture yourself and your bank account at the same time.