It’s easy and effective to create vision boards with nothing but some magazine clippings and glue, but it’s a lot more fun to spruce up your boards with these fun tips and ideas:

Try Different Surfaces

There are so many different surfaces you can use to create a vision board, so if you’re tired of your go-to surface, mix it up with some others. You could try poster board, a sketchbook, a cork board, a white board, or even just create one in your journal or planner. Heck, you might even consider decorating a box to serve as your vision board.

Try Different Sizes

You can also consider different surface sizes. If you’ve always created your vision boards on a small poster board, try creating one on a large cork board, or even a really small one on a postcard.

Use Different Mediums

You can mix up different mediums, and add drawings and doodles with colored pencils, markers, paint, stamps, crayons, or any other medium you enjoy using.

Use Unique Adornments & Embellishments

If you go to a craft store, you’ll find a world of materials to inspire you. You might try adding any of the following embellishments to your vision boards: washi tape, stickers, wooden cut outs, foam pieces, glitter, scrapbooking paper and materials, ribbon, and even found objects like buttons or dried flowers.

Use a Mixture of Photos

You don’t have to stick to using magazine photos to create your vision boards. You can also use photos printed from the internet, old books, personal photos, drawings, doodles, newspapers, and any other imagery that depicts what you want to achieve.

Add Text

Adding text to your vision boards adds a whole new level of visual appeal and effectiveness. Consider adding inspirational quotes and words that symbolize what you want to achieve. You might even add short prayers, affirmations, mantras, or poems.

Do It Digitally

One of the biggest trends right now is digital vision boards. There are tons of online tools and apps that can help you put together these vision boards in minutes. Some even allow you to add sound and video.

Keep It Simple or Complicate It

There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating vision boards, so you might consider completely different ways of creating them than you are used to for the fun of it. For example, if you are used to creating really simple vision boards that don’t take much time, try creating a really elaborate one that might take you hours, or visa versa.

Whether you enjoy the process of creating vision boards or not, these tips can help you add a new level of fun, which will help you ignite more passion and drive to achieve your goal.