You can create a vision board from anything your imagination can dream up and you don’t have to spend money on supplies. But it can be fun to add certain embellishments and “extras” to your vision board.

Here are some vision board supplies you might want to try:

Poster Board

Most people use poster board as the base of their vision boards, although there are other alternative such as bulletin boards and even three dimensional boxes. You might choose a plain white poster board or a colored one. They also come in numerous sizes.

Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board is an easy alternative to poster board, and it is convenient because you can easily change out what you post on it so that you keep your board up to date with what you want to manifest at each moment. Again, these come in various sizes and even different shapes. You can even get pretty bulletin boards that have designs and patterns on them.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a convenient way to add a creative touch to your vision boards. Basically. you can think of it as high end masking tape. It comes in many different colors and patterns, and it’s a nice way to add a border to your vision board, a border to certain photos, or even to break up your board into sections.

Drawing Utensils

Adding doodles and words to your vision board can really bring it to life and make it yours. You can use any medium you like best, such as markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, or whatever you prefer.


There are a number of different ways to adhere your photos and embellishments to your vision board. Of course you can use glue, but there are also other supplies that can make the creation process even easier, such as adhesive squares and glue dots.

Designer Paper

If you’ve ever done scrapbooking, you know there are tons of fun and pretty designer papers out there that can really liven up your project. Why not use them on your vision board as well? You can get them in different sizes and in many different colors and patterns.


Stickers aren’t just for kids! The scrapbooking market opened up a whole new sticker craze for adults, and you can use them on your vision boards too. There are so many to choose from and they are an easy way to add more pizzaz to your board.


Like stickers, stamps are another fun way to add a little something extra to your vision board. There’s a whole crafting industry out there called stamping, so there are thousands to choose from. You can use them as is or you can color them in with markers or colored pencils.


Embellishments are little things you add to your vision board to give it a little more life and depth. These can come from found objects like buttons, paperclips or beads, but you can also choose from a multitude of crafting embellishments, such as rhinestones, die-cuts, wooden cut outs, fake flowers, yarn, and pendants.

Vision Board Kits

If you want a really easy solution for creating your vision board, you can simply purchase a vision board kit. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they come with pretty much everything you need to create your vision board. This can be a fun gift for a young child or teenager as well.