Some people display different personas in different setups such as the workplace, social gatherings, at home and with friends. Others are consistent with their character in any given scenario regardless if they are addressing their superior, a stranger, a child or a close friend.

How authentic you are is really all about just how in touch you are with your true self and you should feel at liberty to project that all the time.

How to Get in Touch with the Real You

To live an accomplished life that fulfills you entirely requires you to master your true identity. This is a skill that demands a high level of dedication to yourself but in the end, it equips you with the tools to seek anything you would need in life.

With a definite knowledge of self, you can set your priorities straight and do the things that need to get done promptly without seeking permissions and validation from others. This means much less frustration in life because you are always investing yourself and energy to things that are worthwhile to you. Your personality will be more confident and assertive as well.

Seeking Moments of Silence

Many people with an identity crisis are afraid of solitude and will not take time to themselves for self-reflection. Others believe that silence and solitude only bring out the worst in them in regard to all their flaws and shortcomings in life.

There is however no better way for self-evaluation than taking time to yourself and facing the good and the bad realities of your existence and making peace with yourself first.

Knowing Your Passions in Life

It is important to map out all the things that make you tick in life and activities you would readily indulge yourself in whenever you get the chance. These are the things that put you at your best state in life and it is easy to understand your true nature this way. Things you are passionate about make you willing to give your best effort and in so doing, consistent effort generates tremendous success.

Accepting Who You Are in the Moment

People have all kinds of perceptions of what they intend to be in the future and try as much as possible to dwell in that image. There is a clear distinction between where you are in life and where you would want to be. Mastering your true identity in the present gives you insight on what needs to be done to achieve your ambitions in the future by taking advantage of the gifts you currently have.

Self-acceptance is very essential when shedding off all the fake personas to embrace who you really are. It is easier said than done as you risk losing some acquaintances that are not willing to accept the real you. However, it is all worth it in the long-run as life becomes less complicated and the remaining relationships turn into a great support system you can wholesomely rely on.

The principles of self-acceptance include:

  • Willingness to make errors in life and be accountable
  • Saying no or yes when it suits you and not being apologetic about it
  • Getting over the desperate need to be likable by others
  • People are responsible for how they feel, you do not have to bear their burden
  • Self-acceptance also demands we make peace and move on from things that are not a result of our own doing.
Review Your Relationships

Your relationships say a lot about you as they show personalities you readily identify to. The value of your relationships largely depends on how well you know yourself. People with an internal locus of identity define their character from within while those with an external locus of identity depend on external influences to define their persona.

If you are struggling with your identity you can use these relationships to get honest feedback of what your social circle and family think about you in regards to your strengths and weaknesses.

Practicing these on a day to day basis and treating yourself with affection introduces you to your real identity and life from this point is simply fascinating.