People tend to focus more on the relationships they build with other people and forget to work on a fulfilling relationship with themselves.

When it comes to the question of self-perception everyone thinks of themselves in certain regard that determines how they treat themselves. This becomes the basis in which we project ourselves to others.

Perceptions are developed over time based on an individual’s background and their support system.

Take, for instance, an individual brought up by abusive parents who prey on their self-esteem. Such an individual is constantly belittled and persuaded that there is nothing likable about them and with time they believe it to be true.

Others dislike themselves based on their physical appearance especially those with a disability or a deformity. It becomes entirely impossible to find happiness without genuinely liking yourself.

With a personality that is constantly in a foul mood, such individuals are alienated socially which closes all channels for such individuals to build on their self-worth.

Factors that Influence How We Relate with Ourselves

Self-perception is built from a line of thought created through interactions with other people especially in our formative years. From such relationships, we choose a social role for ourselves and project it in our social circles.

Such can be best described as a script that we constantly play in certain situations in life, hence defining our character.

Another aspect that influences how we relate with ourselves is how contented we are in our current position in life. Everyone has ambitions of their own that may work out or fail with the collective efforts we invest in their actualization.

People with careers that are performing poorly are constantly frustrated and feel they are not getting the respect they deserve from their family, colleagues, and friends.

Others are avid followers of social media and multi-media marketing which projects an illusion of perfect life. Most will compare their state of living to what they see on digital platforms and grow some resentment towards themselves.

This has been a major drawback in the model of marketing utilized in the modern world which leaves people discontented with their state of being.

Working On Liking Yourself More

The reason why most people cannot achieve any progress in their efforts to value themselves more is all the negativity they subject themselves to more so, their retrogressive self-talk.

You need to work on an effective communication system dominated by positive monologues in order to influence your subconscious mind towards favorable behavioral responses.

Start by seeking your inner voice and take keen note of how it is similar to an ever-flowing fountain of negativity. This is as a result of cause and effect from the manner in which you have conditioned yourself. The objective is to change the voices into your most immediate support system.

The feeling of contempt thrives in a negative environment hence the next step is to fashion a new internal and external surrounding that is enabling to your needs.

From optimistic friends and reinforcing positive mental responses by sustaining good thought processes, the next skill to master is learning how to forgive your shortcomings. Things that are beyond your control should not give you repressed feeling but should motivate you to strive for more in life.

When it comes to physical imperfections and failure, there is no single perfect person in the history of mankind. People just make the most out of their situation. Failure is common and it is a learning opportunity for people in pursuit of success.

Whenever you feel like you have hit rock bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up. Having high regard of yourself does not mean you will not experience challenges that will test your will.

Even the most egocentric personalities have their dark days, but they have also developed tools to recover from such phases in short time frames and it all starts from a point of self-appreciation and recognizing the great potential of your abilities in life.