There are numerous self care tips everywhere, but one in particular might be the only one that you need. It’s the art of organization. While that might not seem like it’s taking care of yourself, it does more than you know.

Disorganization can affect all areas of your body as well as boost your stress level. Sometimes a lack of organization happens for a period of time such as during a holiday when there are packages and people everywhere.

You get out of your normal routine. But most of the time, disorganization happens because you don’t practice self care in that area of your life. When it comes to disorganization, most people automatically think of things like a home where clutter is piled everywhere.

But disorganization can also happen in other areas like your car, your purse, your finances, your schedule, your to-do list, and your relationships. Clutter, regardless of what form it takes, causes your brain to work harder and try to sort through the mess to find out what should be done next.

It zaps your time, your energy and the potential to be in a good mood. If your brain gets the signal that there’s disorder, then you can’t relax. You feel tense because the disorganization is silently nagging you to take care of things.

If you push disorganization to the back of your mind, it’s still there weighing on you even if you don’t realize it. Plus, if your home is disorganized, you struggle to find the stuff that you need when you need it and that adds to your stress.

Getting organized is a mood booster. When you organize your home, it does away with the stress. You also gain time because you’re not wasting it searching for stuff over and over again.

Everything has a place and you know exactly where it is. You also save money because you’re not constantly buying things to replace the items you know you own, but can’t find.

Organization gives you peace of mind. It also reduces the health risks that are associated with stress. Disorganization can happen as a result of bad habits – you just promise to get to it later, but that never happens and eventually, it’s out of control.

You procrastinate until it seems like there’s just so much to take care of you feel overwhelmed because you don’t even know where to start. The job seems insurmountable. When you get organized, it’s one of the best self care strategies you can embrace because it helps your life run smoother and makes you feel in control.